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Process & Chemicals is one of the largest and most complex industries we operate in. We have executed over 200 management to board level mandates in over 30 countries across site management, operations, engineering, production, capital projects, material procurement, supply chain, R&D and quality control.

We cover everything from the extraction and preparation of metallic ores, through to iron and steel, resins and coatings, and renewables and nutrition. Over many years, our global team has developed deep specialist knowledge and extensive experience, advising and helping our clients to successfully attract and retain the best senior talent in the industry.

Typical positions covered

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Supply Chain VP/Director
Planning VP/Director
Chief Procurement Officer
Procurement/Sourcing VP/Director
Category Director/Manager
Chief Operations Officer
Manufacturing VP/Director
Plant/Site Head
Quality/Regulatory VP/Director
R+D VP/Director
Technical VP/Director
EHS VP/Director
Sustainability Director/Manager
Process Safety Director/Manager


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